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1: iPad Repair for Parents

Welcome to our iPad repair service for parents! Whether your child’s iPad is insured or not, we’re here to guide you through the process and ensure a seamless experience.

2: iPad Insurance Enrollment

For parents who have enrolled in iPad insurance through their school or school district, please follow these steps:

  1. Insurance Confirmation: Check with your school or district for information on iPad insurance enrollment. Note that there may be an enrollment period, but exceptions can apply for new students receiving iPads.
  2. Claim Filing: If you have insurance, visit the [School Device Coverage]( website to file a claim. You should have received an email confirming your insurance and containing your login information.
  3. Login and File a Claim: Log in to the portal and file a claim if your iPad is broken and in need of repair.
  4. Await Response: After filing a claim, please allow 24 hours to receive a response. You can check the portal to see if your claim has been approved and shows “Approved for Repair.”
  1. Verification: Once your claim is approved for repair, inform the person in charge of your iPad, whether it’s your teacher, school library, or office. Provide them with the iPad for verification.
  2. Repair Coordination: The school will then coordinate with Right There Repair to pick up and repair the device. You don’t need to communicate directly with the repair shop if your iPad is insured. For any questions regarding your insurance status, please contact School Device Coverage at 888-978-3515.

3: iPad Repair for Uninsured Parents/Students

For parents and students without insurance, here’s how to proceed:

  1. Visit Our Website: Go to [Right There Repair – Claremont](
  2. Checkout: Click on “Checkout.”
  3. Provide Information: Fill out all the required information and answer the questionnaire.
  4. Payment: Pay for the repair upfront.
  5. Confirmation: You will receive email confirmations sent to the school you have selected, yourself for order confirmation, and Right There Repair.
  6. Verification: Once your order is confirmed, inform the person in charge of your iPad (teacher, school library, or office). Provide them with our order number along with your iPad.
  7. Repair Coordination: The school will then coordinate with Right There Repair to pick up and repair the device.

That’s it! Parents do not need to communicate with the repair shop once the order has been verified. If you overpay or underpay for the repair due to selecting the wrong issue, Right There Repair will reach out to the school staff or may contact you for a refund or additional payment.


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