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This repair service is intended only for students in Claremont School District. Only iPads provided by Claremont School District are accepted. This service includes pickup/delivery to your local school office, library, or person in charge, which is included in the purchase. Lifetime limited warranty and disclaimer applies.

To begin the repair process, please select your device and the repair needed, and then fill out the following required fields. After completing payment, you will be instructed to drop off your device to your school. Please be sure to select the correct school. WATER DAMAGED DEVICES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Note: For repairs not listed, of if you are unsure what issue you need repaired, select “Something Else” in the Select Issue field to submit an inquiry without making a payment. We will then contact you through phone or email. If you need immediate assistance, please call (951) 888-0079. 

In issue dropdown select "something else" to get the right form. 

After making your payment, please follow these instructions:

1. Screenshot or print the order number and receipt.
2. Take the iPad to your school and leave it with the person in charge (usually the librarian).
3. Show them your receipt, and they will email us that they have received your iPad. They’ll assign you a loaner if they offer that service.
4. We’ll pick up, repair, and deliver the iPad right back where you left it. We’ll notify you once we’re finished.

Devices that cannot be restored to acceptable standards (provided by school district guidelines) will be declined and returned with a 100% refund. If you mistakenly order the wrong repair service, we’ll let you know the price difference. If you accept the change, we’ll either charge you or refund the difference.