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Right There Privacy Policy

By using our repair services, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Repair Policy
All repairs approved by our quality guidelines must be paid for in full before it can be return to student. If for some reason, a repair falls short in quality guidelines we will ensure the device returned in its original condition to the school or school district where it was received as non-repairable and the parent/student receive their 100% of any charges. If for some reason, your iPad device is deemed not repairable or cannot pass the minimum standard as provided by the school district at a cap budget of $300, we will return the device free of charge.

Water Damage

iPads severely water damaged will not be accepted as they would not be acceptable to your school. If the iPad device has been submerged into water, these iPads will be automatically deemed unrepairable as these would not be acceptable to the standard guideline policy.

There are no bench fees or diagnostic fees unless agreed upon prior the more – “intense”, difficult, and/or extensive repairs.

It is our guarantee that any and all repairs provided and delivered/returned to you will pass the standard guidelines provided by the assigned school district.

Loss or Theft

We are not responsible for any lost or damaged devices that are NOT in our possession such as the school library, school offices, classrooms, or district office before or after repair or any returned devices not repaired.


All iPad repairs are covered by our lifetime warranty. Only iPads that have been repaired by Right There Repair according to their manufacturer serial numbers are covered. All iPad repairs that are subject to a warranty shall be covered by the sole cost of Right There Repair. Right There Repair shall not charge any fees or repair fees for iPads that are approved and subject to a repair.

iPad Repair warranty covers manufacturer defects such as : limited touching, unresponsible touching, ghost touching, or complete non-responsive touching. Also any issues that may arise that are close enough to what is removed in process of the repair may be subject to warranty. Warranties as such must be reasonable and sole discretion of technicians and managers.

We reserve the right to refuse a warranty repair, or warranty rework, if the given iPad was not repaired by Right There Repair or has been tampered with an attempt to repair by an unauthorized repair shop or personal. Warranty may also be void if the iPad has been damaged after the repair. This includes any damage to the part replaced or in areas near the part replaced.

NOT covered by our warranty. Warranties are NOT transferable and cannot be passed on to any other iPads that are assigned to the student.


We hold the right to charge a deliverable/pickup fee shall a parent/student immediately cancel repair before, during, or after the repair. We reserve the right to hold a charge against shall a repair be in completion but no payment has been received.